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Cookie policy

What are cookies and why are they used?

Cookies are small data files that places on your computer or mobile device during your website visit. The reason is that on a returning visit to our website, your personal preferences are recognised and stored on your device. By using cookies and similar technologies, including pixel tags and scripts, can collect information about online behaviour of website visitors and optimise the website and campaigns based on the data. Some cookies are placed by us and other cookies are placed by third parties. Cookies from third parties can also collect data outside of this website.

By agreeing to cookies, you give permission for placement and processing the above-mentioned information, which keeps your preferences stored.

To see the full list of cookies used by you can download this file. On this list the purpose of the various cookies, by whom the cookie is placed, for how long the cookie is active and the privacy conditions per party are explained.

Which different cookies are used?

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are defined as cookies that enable a user to view the website of, to use the functions on the website and to gain access to any secure parts of the sites. The information collected via these cookies is excluded from marketing purposes. If the user does not allow these cookies to be placed on the device, this may result in:

  • use of the website becomes impossible;
  • it becomes impossible to use your personal preferences for your visit;
  • ordering tickets online is not possible.

Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies help to improve the website, campaigns and user experience. These cookies collect information from the visitor about the use of the website with the aim of providing an optimal user experience.

Advertising and other cookies (third party cookies)

The purpose of advertising cookies is to display relevant information for you on other websites. These cookies also keep track of how often you have seen something, whether it is still relevant and whether you have purchased tickets, so that you will no longer see personalised advertisements from us. Because our website also uses the functionalities of third parties, such as Google, YouTube and Facebook, they can also create visitor profiles through these cookies.

Adjust and delete cookie settings

You have the option to adjust your cookie settings of here. You can also delete cookies through your browser:

You can set whether you want to accept cookies through your browser. The best way to set this is via the help menu in your browser. If you change the settings in your browser, there is a chance that you will not be able to use multiple functions on our website. Certain cookies are required for the website to function. If you do not agree with the placement of cookies, you can also indicate this in Your Online Choices or separately to the third parties.

Please note: after making these changes you will no longer see advertisements based on the data we have collected from you. It is still possible that you will see general advertisements from us.


We may adjust this cookie policy and recommend that you consult this page every now and then, so that you are kept informed of how we use cookies. This cookie policy was last updated on 3rdApril 2019.


We welcome questions and comments regarding the cookie policy. Contact us at