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Theu Boermans

Theu Boermans is a director, actor, stage and script writer for theatre and film. Theu founded and artistically directed theatre group De Trust and the Theater Company in Amsterdam. Until 2019, Theu was Artistic Director of the Dutch theatre group Het Nationale Toneel and now directs among others Het Nationale Theater. For theatre, Theu directed controversial performances such as Three Kings Eve, Hamlet, Gilgamesh, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Faust, Een Meeuw, Ajax, The Merchant of Venice and Three Sisters. Theu Boermans is an award-winning film and television director; The Partisans received a Gouden Kalf for Best TV drama and in the same category, The Chosen One won a Prix d’Europe and an Emmy Award. In 1994, Theu adapted the play 1000 Roses for film, for which he was awarded three times a Gouden Kalf. He directs with theatres in various European cities including Vienna, Basel and Gratz. As an actor, Theu performed in films Keetje Tipel, Spetters, The New Mother, Strength, Sister & So and ’t Vrije Schaep. Theu Boermans is the bearer of the Prince Bernhard Culture Prize. Together with NEW Productions and Edwin de Vries, Boermans also works on a new production New Amsterdam – The Musical, about the history of New York. 

“Soldier van Orange is the story of a group of friends who are confronted with having to make adult choices, as a result of the outbreak of the Second World War. As a result of those choices, we witness the undoing of their loyalty to each other. I have always found this to be an inspiring story, because one can identify with the characters and the struggle with their dilemmas. Evidently, it meant for me to ask myself: What would I do in such a situation?”