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NEW Productions

The music theatre production Soldier of Orange is the first production by Dutch Producer NEW Productions, the producing company of investor Amerborgh. NEW Productions aims to expand historical awareness through music theatre, using history to inspire audiences of today at unique locations to enhance the storyline. NEW Productions, led by Fred Boot, believes in small but committed teams dedicated to one running performance and one or two new productions in preparation.

With Soldier of Orange playing throughout 2020 in the Netherlands, we have explored new markets for this chapter of WWII history. After extensive research in the UK, NEW Productions has found an ideal location in London’s Royal Docks, opposite London’s City Airport.

Office NEW Productions

Alongside this, NEW Production is developing New Amsterdam – The Musical. This production is inspired by the origins of New York city in the 17th century; working with the creative team of: writer Edwin de Vries, writer / director Theu Boermans, lyricist Frans van Deursen, composer / music producer Martijn Spierenburg and alongside this team the set designer Bernhard Hammer. The rehearsal ready version of the script is complete and NEW Productions is looking for the ideal location to tell this incredible story.

For further detail contact:

Henrike van den Heuvel
P +31 (0) 20 76 000 76