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Privacy policy

This privacy policy explains which personal data SvO BV (Soldier of Orange) and its affiliated companies, such as NEW Productions BV (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “SvO”) both online (including via our websites) and offline collect and how we use this personal data.

We generally collect and process personal data to serve our visitors. We are aware that personal data must be handled with care and that we must be transparent about any use of it. We ensure that the necessary organisational and technical measures have been taken to guarantee optimal security of our data.

In this privacy policy, we describe why we collect personal data and what we do with this data. We do so to the best of our ability, the importance of your privacy and good service to our customers will always be paramount.

Why do we collect and process your personal data?

Various personal details are collected. This is necessary for optimising our website and the proper processing of your order for tickets and/or and products via our website, online shop or by telephone. In addition, we receive your personal data from related sales channels by which SvO has agreed to sell tickets for our performances, so that we can inform you by e-mail, telephone or post, of important information regarding your visit and also for the obligations arising from the purchase agreement.

Your order history is linked to your name and e-mail address. This gives us insight into when you visit us and how we could be of better service.  For you, this is useful when for instance, you contact us with any questions regarding your online purchase and for us to be of better service afterwards, e.g., by resending tickets, a pro forma invoice. For marketing purposes, we create a profile based on your order history and temporarily categorise you, so that we can approach you by e-mail with relevant information, for example in connection to our other theatre productions in the future. For strategic purposes, we make anonymous analyses based on, e.g., order history, gender, postcode.

What information do we process?

1. Personal data

When you place an order for products and tickets, a number of details are required in order to identify you as the rightful owner of the tickets. Some details are optional.

  • first name and surname – required
  • email address – required
  • address (street, house number, postcode, city) – optional depending on delivery method
  • telephone number – optional
  • gender – optional
  • date of birth – optional

The above-mentioned personal data are processed for the following purposes:

  • Be able to issue and send purchased tickets and products.
  • Inform about the show and products for which it was purchased.
  • Access control.
  • To be able to send you personalised messages.
  • Certain data, i.e., zip code, city, date of birth and gender are processed anonymously for statistical, marketing and / or strategic purposes.

2. Payment details

The payment is made through another party, a Payment Service Provider (PSP). The moment you confirm the order and proceed to pay, you leave the online shop temporarily and you will be directed to a PSP, which takes care of the payment. You log in to your banking environment yourself or you enter your credit card details. As soon as the payment has been approved, we will receive a notification and the order will be completed. No personal data is shared by SvO in this process. We only give the PSP a code, which amount must be charged and the PSP informs electronically via a code whether this was successful or not. We do not receive any bank or card details. We only hold information on your payment method, so whether you have paid with iDeal (payment method available in Holland) or credit card, for example.

3. Purchase data

We collect and process the purchase data in your order history. This is necessary for the implementation of the purchase agreement and your visit. This may include: date and time of event, product, number of tickets or vouchers, section, rank, row and seat numbers, price type. This data is also used anonymously for statistical, marketing and / or strategic purposes.

4. Account information

A login and password may be created in the ordering process. These are recorded to facilitate a future purchase in the online shop. Per e-mail address you can create one account.

5. Communication preferences

We would like to stay in touch with you. A widely chosen way is to communicate with you via our e-newsletter or servicemails. We have different types of e-mails that you may receive.

We always confirm your online or telephone purchase via e-mail. This is an automatically generated message and is inevitable.

We can send you service e-mails until you visit the show. The purpose of this is to inform you about your visit, but also to inform you about an array of extra services that you can book to make your visit complete. You can unsubscribe for this in the included link in the e-mail. Even if you have opted out, you may still receive e-mail if we think that is pertinent to your visit. For example, in case of cancellation or change in show time. In exceptional cases we may try to contact you by telephone.

We would like to stay in touch with you after your visit. We are always curious about your experience and will ask for your feedback via a survey. If you have unsubscribed from the service e-mails, you may not receive any e-mails with a request to participate in a survey.

We periodically send a newsletter to only those who have notified us via an opt-in when ordering tickets, registration via the website, use of WIFI in the theatre, confirmation via e-mail if the registration is, for example, by telephone or in person to, for example, the checkout is done.

If you participate in a promotion, we will collect and process your personal data including your name, e-mail address and comments in order to communicate with you in the context of this promotion.

6. Correspondence data

Messages sent to us via e-mail or social media are recorded and saved. You have the choice to respond to e-mails or communications from us via e-mail or via social media. We save this data for reference only. If we want to share certain parts of your correspondence via media, we will ask for your prior permission.

7. Image and / or sound recordings

Image and / or sound recordings can be made during the visit to the performance. When these recordings will be used for marketing purposes such as sharing videos or photos via social media or via other media such as the newspaper or TV, we will make this known in advance at the entrance of the theatre.

If a performance is recorded for broadcast, a notification will be made in advance. In these cases, you have the opportunity to object to be part of the broadcast and we will look for a suitable solution together.

In addition, recordings may be made for internal purposes that are not directly shared with public and/or the media. We use these recordings for, for example, the actors or the artistic team to see the performance again. For safety reasons, video recordings are made in the parking lot and in the theatre. These images are only used and shared with the police when there is a crime and / or violation.

8. Website and online shop visit

Our website and online shop use cookies and other similar technologies. Some cookies are necessary for the website and online shop to function properly. We do this so we know whether it is a first visit to the website, time required to place an order, which web pages within our domain are visited, whether the online shop works properly or can be optimised, where someone leaves the ordering process, possibility to quickly log in to your personal web account. Click here for more information and our cookie policy.


Do you prefer not to share personal data with us?

If you do not want to provide certain personal data (name, address and e-mail address), your transaction can only be carried out offline. We therefore offer you the option of anonymously purchasing a limited number of tickets for a performance or product at the box office of the theatre (once the theatre has been opened).


Sharing your personal data

Your personal data will not be sold to third parties.


Our websites contain links to third-party websites. If a visitor to the website follows these links, they leave our website. This privacy policy does not cover the use of third party websites and for this reason SvO accepts no liability for the careless use of personal data or the correct implementation of the regulations by these parties. We therefore advise you to consult the privacy statements of these third parties.

Sharing your personal data with third parties

In some cases, SvO shares certain personal details of you with the caterer where the performance is playing if this is necessary for the visit. For example, if you have purchased a voucher for a dinner, the caterer will be notified so that he can be of service.

In case of customer service, for example, contact details such as e-mail or telephone number can be shared.


How do we take care of your privacy?

Securing your personal data

SvO makes every effort to ensure an adequate and appropriate level of security by taking appropriate organisational and technical measures against unlawful processing and / or loss of data. We enter into agreements with the third parties where your data is stored with which this is guaranteed. In the event of a data breach, SvO will inform you as soon as possible in a way that is most effective at that point. A data breach will also be reported directly to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and we will carefully follow their instructions within our capacity.

Data retention period

SvO does not store personal data longer than necessary for the implementation of the agreement and in any case no longer than necessary for processing purposes in this privacy policy and complies with the applicable laws and regulations. If you have registered via opt-in to receive our newsletter, we will keep your personal data until you unsubscribe.

If it is no longer necessary to store personal data or at least after five years after the last visit to the show or location, your personal data will be made anonymous. This means that data is no longer traceable to you. You will be notified in advance and then have 30 days to respond. If you decide and let us know that you wish that your personal record is available in our files, you will continue to have access to your account, order history and we can send you personalised communication, otherwise not. We register this as an opt-in for the newsletter. Once your data has been made anonymous, this cannot be reversed.

If you have opted in for the newsletter you can unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link of that newsletter.

Some data you will be able to delete yourself, such as cookies.

Access to, correction and deletion of data

You can object against use of certain data via e-mail:, or do the same to request access, correction and / or removal of your (personal) data. Upon written request, any corrections communicated by you will be processed. SvO will respond to your request as quickly as possible, but within four weeks at the latest.

Amendments to this policy

There have been changes regarding European privacy laws and national regulations are under constant adjustment. The consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation are being worked out and we will, if necessary, adjust our privacy policy. The current privacy policy is displayed on the website. This version was amended on 3rd April 2019.